Ronald McDonald


Hosted by Ronald McDonald himself.

Ronald combines music, magic, games, colorful sets and audience participation to

create exciting and memorable lessons for kids K-5. Each show offers a fresh

approach to communicating key  messages about reading, ecology, safety and


McTeacher Night

Raise funds for important school

programs by scheduling a McTeacher Night for your school. A percentage of sales

will be donated to your school. Several schools have used this program

successfully. For more information

Teacher Appreciation


Packages include delivered

breakfast and special gifts, free of charge.

Lunch with the


Recognize high achievers by

inviting them to McDonald’s for a special lunch, free of charge.

Free Usage of 10 Gallon

Beverage Containers

We provide free cups and ice. Hi-C

Orange or Lemonade are available at cost. Use it as a fundraiser or a great

refreshment at big events.

Customized Programs

We can tailor programs to fit your

needs. If you need more information please contact:

                       Jaime Garcia


                   (310) 366-6931 ext. 1

Fund Raisers
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